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For Immediate Release September 15, 2018 SURFING MADE POSSIBLE IN AFGHANISTAN • Group of surfers travel to Afghanistan to bring the joy of surfing to their waters • Surfers report making a huge positive impact on the locals of the area who don't have limited access to recreation • The group is producing a film to capture their story and share with the world.  The film is currently raising support on Kickstarter. "In a country that has been crippled by war for the last 40 years every human’s right to the pursuit of happiness is easily forgotten. I can't explain how much fun surfing can be. I want to bring this joy, that I love so much myself, to my home country."  Afridun Amu, Wave Riders Association of Afghanistan President and Founder . Afridun Amu loves surfing but Afghanistan has no ocean. In an effort to share the joy of surfing with his home country, Afri established the Wave Riders Association

We are THIS close to completing our documentary about the FIRST ever ridden waves in Afghanistan. Help with a small financial push to see us through post-production! Unsurfed Afghanistan is a documentary that follows Afridun Amu in his quest to bring joy to his homeland. What better way of doing this than sharing what you love with your people? In Afridun’s case this was tricky. Afridun adores surfing. But Afghanistan has no access to the sea. So how was he going to combine the two?   With the help of experienced (and yes, partially crazy:P) river-surfers we spotted locations no surfboard has ever touched. Ploughing through the risks of agitated streams underneath a calm whitish looking river surface, broken roads, temperature swings and cultural differences, we captured footage that unveils an almost mystical side of Afghanistan. A side, where our project spoke directly to the untamed and adventurous spirit of the Afghan people